Starting a blog is an idea I’ve played around with for a pretty long time now. I’ve always liked the idea of having a dedicated place to go to and write about any dev related problems or even my thoughts on a given game or issue. I also have the hope that writing more regularly will help how I write and communicate overall.

I don’t believe the blog will have a central topic or focus, but that said it will naturally be more dev related. For instance, I’ve found myself wanting to write about my “journey” into different mechanical keyboards and my efforts at finding the absolute perfect carry on luggage for a developer/techie like myself. I think it’ll be useful, because I normally get about a dozen people asking for my opinion on these things and having a single place to point them to seems to make sense.

I largely have my co-worker Steven and Pieter Levels over at to thank for sparking enough interest to finally pursue doing this. Steven shared in passing Pieter’s blog and I really liked his mixture of both “real world” and “developer” centered writings. In the same week, he can write about his efforts at learning 3D but also write about his experiences at a sensory deprivation tank or share his thoughts on the subject of seeing our Facebook walls fill up with pictures of friend’s babies.

I’m not sure how often I’ll write or if I’ll keep up with it, but overall I’m tired of letting ideas rot in the back of my head. I do know that I wanted the design to start simple and evolve over time, because I often am my own worst client and nothing ever sees the light of day. Might as well get my feet wet and see what happens, right?