At a recent work party, most of us shared what we were thankful for with Thanksgiving being right around the corner. I nodded in agreement with most that was shared; thankful for family and work and that 2016 is almost over. When it got to me, I gave the cliche answer of a typical developer nerd: The Internet.

I know it seems like a silly cop-out answer but I think a lot of people, developers like myself included, take this insane resource for granted. I know a lot of developers who wear “self-taught” as a badge of honor and smirk at the knowledge of not having to pay off a student loan. Truth be told, without the Internet, developers like myself wouldn’t have that luxury. This open access to information and other people has given me the opportunity for an awesome career at a very small cost.

If I want to learn how to create something with an Arduino, I can head over to Adafruit’s learning portal and go through hundreds of articles. If I want to learn how to fabricate something, I can go over to Tested and watch videos of really talented people sharing their experiences and tips. Maybe I somehow got a Blizzcon ticket and want to run around as Junkrat, the RPF board has an insane amount of people excited to help you build what you want. I can even learn how to produce electronic music from deadmau5 for a pretty low fee these days.

I know it seems cliche, but the amount of information and resources being shared online continues to grow and it’s easy to take it all for granted. That’s why I try to remind myself how huge it is what we carry around in our pocket each day and am thankful for the web.