Getting away from home always gives me the mental room and freedom to think about things more broadly without distraction. Lately my mind has been on 2016 and going into the next year. I’ve been trying to write my thoughts a few times without success, but while sitting outside my hotel room in Seattle it seems to be flowing a bit more smoothly.

Ask pretty much anyone what they thought of 2016 and it’ll most likely be a resounding “Fuck 2016”. While I was flying to Seattle, I found out about Carrier Fisher which put a huge downer on the flight. Those details of 2016 aren’t what I’ve been mulling over though. I’ve been wrestling with the question of how much did I actually do this last year. Up until the last few months, the answer is really not much. I didn’t start my mission to commit something code wise daily until a few months ago, I didn’t release any side projects, contribute to an open source project, learn a new language or even write as much as I would have liked.

I know it’s incredibly cliche to do the whole resolutions thing, but I’m not framing this next year in the scope of a big life-changing-to-do-list. It’s a list I want to keep off to the side that includes ideas and experiences that interest me at any given time. Some of those ideas will be on-going, like helping others more or actually making use of the apartment gym. Others will be wider in scope, like releasing something online or getting into video projects that get thrown up to YouTube. Many will probably never be attempted, but the important thing in my mind is having something to turn to when I find myself muttering “I’m bored”.

Time is something that is so easy to waste and it’s even easier to aimlessly plunge into the next suggested video on YouTube at 2:23am. Rather than sink time into something that has very little actual return, I want to be able to point at results and feel good about my contributions to 2017.

(I’m creating a ever-changing page that will be linked in the menu to keep track of everything.)