The cheesy name “Web Wanders” is what I’ve given this little idea of mine. Lots of bloggers already do this. A weekly post sharing links they’ve stumbled upon. I already spam plenty of slack channels with stuff I come across, so I figured why not try and make it a regular thing.

Clean Code

Robert C. Martin’s book Clean Code is well known for great coding principles with the examples written in Java. Ryan McDermott adapted the examples for JavaScript. Very awesome.

SketchUp and SketchUp For Woodworkers

I know plenty of people already use SketchUp, but I’m working on building out a custom workbench for the office. A friend of mine linked me to SketchUp for Woodworkers to help me learn SketchUp to get things moving.

Mac Pro Concept

Pascal Eggert did an awesome concept of an updated Mac Pro. Looks amazing. Makes me a little sad that I got more excited for this than I have for actual Apple updates.

StackShare’s 2016 Top Dev Tools

Plenty of these kind of posts this month, but I liked this one showing the various apps and tools. There’s half a dozen new apps I wanna try out thanks to this list.