Modern web development today seems to focus around the topic of the latest and greatest framework on everyones radar. Countless articles written about React and Vue get published each day. I’m not in the camp of people who view this as a bad thing though. I think the constant moving forward with new ideas can be tiresome but is also pretty exciting. That said, the last few months I set my focus away from trying to keep up with the latest frameworks and absorb as much information as I could find on ES6, otherwise known as ECMAScript 6. My intent was to “master” the update, knowing full well I’ll never really “master” any language.

ES6 is the latest update to the JavaScript language since 2009 and the update is a sizable one. Lots of exciting new features, paired with the effort to make the code we write much cleaner than it has been in the past. In my search to learn as much as I could about ES6, I came across a lot of various articles that would hone in on one or two features, but never a single resource that went over everything as a whole. The closest I’d get would be GitHub repos that gave short summaries about the feature set.

Then I heard about Nicholas Zakas’s “Understanding ECMAScript 6: The Definitive Guide for JavaScript Developers”. I’ve been a big fan of Nicholas’ work for awhile now, having read many of his past books, so I was pretty excited.

I can’t recommend another book as great as this one for the developer looking to learn ES6. Not only does he go over the various additions that have excited developers like destructuring or spread operators, but he gets into subjects I didn’t even know were part of the update. He covers in depth the updates related to Unicode support, the addition of typed arrays, proxies and reflection, etc. The amount of information so easily digestible in this book has had me suggesting it to anyone asking for more information on ES6. I walked away with a much stronger understanding of the update thanks to the book.

If you’re interested in the book and maybe wanna send some Amazon affiliate love my way, check it out here.