Khan Academy: Algorithms

Pretty cool introduction course into computer science algorithms. Curious to go through it and learn a few things. Good discussion and resources about algorithms in the Hacker News thread too.

Coding CSS for Context

I like Snook’s approach and thinking to this issue. Ties back into last weeks link share CSS Code Smells Revisited. The following three points should be more on the forefront of my mind when working with CSS:

  • We want to identify that this is a variation on our button.
  • We want to indicate the purpose of this button style.
  • We want to avoid tying the code to a particular context that could change.

2017 DuckDuckGo $300,000 Donations

DuckDuckGo donated a lot of money to various groups that focus on standards of trust online, privacy, encryption and individual liberties. With a lot of changes happening, specifically at the FCC in this case, I’m glad to see donations being made to these different groups.

Linus Torvalds: Successful projects are 99% perspiration & 1% innovation

I believe Linus has a good point here, but not sure I agree entirely with his 99%-1% stance. I do agree where he talks about the social/collaborative process being important and the overall need to “do work” being on the forefront of peoples minds over being a “thought leader”.