I’m writing this fairly late in the day, but I wanted to take some time to highlight the cause. Susan Fowler’s article sharing her experiences at Uber highlights treatment too often common in our industry. I’ve seen first hand the type of treatment she went through and hate that many talented female coders shy away from the field because of it.

While some may say it’s clichéd and unimaginative, I wanted to highlight the woman in my life who inspires me more than any single person has. My partner Jenn is the sole reason I push myself and work as hard as I do. It amazes me daily how fearless she is in pursuing her ambitions and how much care she pours into everything she does. Even in difficult times when she is being wheeled off to surgery, she has the forethought while high off meds to make light of the situation by asking the nurses if she can keep her “slip proof socks” because her boyfriend keeps falling down the stairs.

It is because of her drive, strength and willingness to assume risk that I am where I am today. I know she will only continue to inspire and push me to pursue more everyday.