Default Folder X

Default Folder X was a power user tool suggested to me a long time ago, but I’ve just now gotten around to giving it a test drive. I’ve got to say, I’m sad I waited so long to give it a try. It has really sped up how I navigate around the Finder with how many projects I tend to be jumping around throughout the day.

Polymer 2.0 RC

It’s been a long time since I’ve messed around with Polymer, but I’m curious to see what 2.0 has to offer. It felt like Polymer got overlooked due to libraries like Angular gaining more attention.

Flex Cheatsheet

I made the leap to using Flexbox for layout on my current projects and found myself googling for the proper alignment I needed a lot. This cheatsheet is pretty helpful in giving a visualization on the properties and values that they can take.

ImageOptim Web API

This is kind of interesting, but I’m hesitant about where the images are being stored/served from.

Observables Proposal for ECMAScript

Reading through the proposal spec, this looks pretty cool. My knowledge of functional programming is limited but I can see the usefulness of this being present in the core language.