Lately I’ve found my thoughts wandering into the realm of semantics and accessiblity. I’d argue over the last 5 years, the drive to make sure we code experiences that work well for a wider audience has diminished. It makes sense with the rise of shiny new APIs or the (re)discovery of technologies like SVG. Once every 3 or 4 months, an article will find it’s way to my screen that urges fellow developers to try and consider accessiblity or semantics in the use of their SVG icons, how they create their new SPA or at it’s most basic, point out decent form input styling concepts.

Today Chris Coyier shared a link to a new blog dubbed Inclusive Components by Heydon Pickering. It is described as a pattern library exploring common interfaces, finding the most usable and accessible implementation possible in blog form.

I’m very excited to watch this project grow and hopefully push developers away from having a “meh” attitude towards semantics, accessiblity and creating experiences for a wider range of people. I urge other developers to subscribe and read through the current post on Toggle Buttons.