StackOverflow 2017 Developer Survey

I love data on the industry like this. Specifically in regards to the “Technology” category. The differences between Loved and Dreaded is pretty funny.


I’ve been using Moom for a long time now, but saw this suggested in it’s place as more “thought out”. It borrows a few concepts from Windows like dragging windows to edges to trigger layouts, but doesn’t have layout presets like Moom does. Still pretty solid at only $0.99 right now.

Frontend Masters Sale

I shared this earlier in the week on Twitter, but there are still 3 days left in the sale (counting today). I have subscribed to a lot of course sites and Frontend Masters has definitely been my favorite followed by Egghead.


Pretty impressive work here. Simplifies a lot of the setup for these types of projects, gonna have to make time to try it out.

Stack Overflow - Dance Dance Authentication

In the spirit of today, I couldn’t not share this from the Stack Overflow team.