Moving into the fourth month of 2017, I wanted to step back and take a look at what I’ve accomplished from my “Into The Next” list.

Personal Projects & Home Office

Last month I blogged about finishing the home office, but haven’t actually gotten a lot of use out of it yet. I have around half a dozen different projects listed out on my new workbench but the months of March and April tend to be my busiest moving into E3. Ideally later this month and moving into May, I should be making more progress on Arduino and other micro-controller related projects, the first being named “FRIDAY” which will be a Raspberry Pi that works as the central brain for my apartment. (I had a version of this at my last apartment, but have bigger plans for this version)


So far on average, I’ve written about two articles a month which is pretty on track with what I wanted. It’s been actually easier than I expected, but that is probably due to the progress I’ve been making in other areas. I have noticed that I’ve only written posts dealing with the “web developer” subject and do want to start sharing my thoughts on the seriously great list of games that have come out the last few months. Since I can’t seem to find anyone to talk about Final Fantasy 15 with, that post will probably be showing up soon.


Reading more is probably the area of focus I’ve not made a ton of progress on. I’ve added audio books to my daily commute to help fill the quota, but I’m not sure if I really count it as “reading”.

Open Source Work

No progress what-so-ever. This is probably for the better right now and will become more of a focus after May. I’d hate to start helping out, only to fall off the grid due to a crazy work schedule.

Other Changes

I’ve made an effort to start eating out less/cooking more and working out more. I’ve found the home cooking has benefits on the wallet and also overall enjoyment of the meals. For some reason home cooking just tastes better, who knew. At the risk of sounding like one of “those” gym people, after a solid week of going to the gym I’ve found huge improvements in how well I sleep and my overall mood.

I will say the last three weeks have been a hard hit to my focus on keeping up this “hustle” as Gary Vee would call it, thanks to injury and car accidents. Reflecting and writing this post has helped me hone in on what needs tackling and I have big ideas that incorporate my gaming interests that I’m excited to see unfold soon.