Walt Mossberg is Retiring

Crazy to think he’s been writing for 47 years now. His writing and his interviews helped shape how I approached and thought about tech/startups from an early stage.

React v15.5.0

I’m happy with this direction and the React team’s efforts to bring down the size of the library. I can’t recall the last time I’ve used React.createClass over ES6 classes. I will however be including the new PropTypes package throughout my projects, I find that feature useful when it yells at me.

Drupal Confessions - An Open Letter

This whole thing is a mess and a lot to digest. Buytaert argues that when private views become public, they must consider the disruptive impact for the project. My own very basic thoughts can be summed up as: If a person’s private views don’t negatively effect the progress of a project and/or the person does not act based on those beliefs when working with the community, then leave it alone.

Chrome 59 has cross-platform headless support

Hacker News discussion here about this. This is pretty exciting news for developers. PhantomJS is impressive, but I’ve always seemed to have headaches in getting things setup correctly and running the same across all systems.