Around this time of year is when the work load at the studio I work for ramps way up, very quickly. The reason for this is the various gaming studios we are lucky enough to work with wanting to have stuff ready for E3. (E3 is a big annual conference in that a lot of new games are highlighted & discussed) My fellow designers and developers are no strangers to 14 hour days around this time of year.

The long days aren’t what gets to me, I tend to head home and tinker with code or hardware anyways. The type of burnout I’ve noticed I get hit with deals with the subject of resolve or tenacity. Tenacity is defined as “the quality or fact of being very determined”. I think determination dips because in long hard pushes, with multiple projects that all have seemingly moving targets on any given day, it’s really difficult to feel like you are making progress towards an end goal. This results in what can only be described as “walking into the unknown” when you step foot into the office.

Last week, I happened to be stumbling around on Twitch which isn’t something I’d normally do. I came across a streamer by the name of Fahros and hung around to watch him play some FF XIV. His overall attitude was pretty refreshing, so I wrote as much in his chat which he noticed:

He later brought up a Twitch community he helped create called “Together To The Top”, or TTTT for short, which is a community of streamers that all help hype and support each other. These are people with a real passion for streaming and a real love of helping their fellow streamers move up. I’ve learned about “raids” in which a streamer will take his current audience and push them over to another streamer and spam their chat with “hype”. This small gesture nearly always brings out big smiles and a ton of excitement for everyone.

After a week of hanging out in various streams, I’ve found this Twitch community to actually help keep my resolve and determination up. It can totally seem corny from the outside, but hanging around the TTTT community and having people in chat telling me to “have a good Wednesday, go crush it” or even replying with “hype!” when I mention something in chat has helped with me pushing forward.