An idea I’ve been digesting for awhile now is to stream the entire process of creating a website from start to finish over many weeks and/or months. A complete behind the scenes at what it takes to start with an idea and end with a well optimized site. I know for many this sounds like a boring stream to tune into, but I like the idea of people being able to drop in and offer on-the-fly feedback or support. A pretty regular process is designing something out, sending it to a few trusted people and processing feedback after they’ve had a chance to look things over. I’m curious what the process would look like if people could offer feedback on a design right away or be able to try out an interaction and express why they liked or hated it.

This instant feedback could create a hellish environment for creating a site, but we’ll see how the end result turns out. My plan is to design and code a new site for my freelance web presence at The stream will essentially be broken down into the following “categories”:

  1. Design Concepts/Inspiration Gathering
  2. Outline/Design Sketches
  3. Design Site in Photoshop/Sketch
  4. Code/Develop
  5. Launch Site

Another side effect of streaming an entire process like this is the ability for people to ask questions and share information. It’d be awesome to have a fresh developer ask questions and have the chat/myself provide an answer or direction on where to find an answer.

I’m currently in the process of running some tests on getting the stream setup to show everything I want, so I don’t have a set date for when all this will be started but it will be soon-ish (within the next month or two). If you’ve ever been curious about what goes into creating a site from start to finish or just want to be able to stop by and say hi during a coding sprint, be sure to “follow” me over at Twitch to be notified whenever I go live. When the ball gets rolling, things will become far more regular work wise. I’m expecting at least one or two streams a week for this project.

Hope to see people join in and feel comfortable asking questions/providing feedback when it takes off.