About a week ago marked the completion for a full years worth of commits on GitHub. It went by way faster than I expected and I was surprised to see the contributions chart filled with squares of green.

Looking back at when I first started it all, I remember there was a bit of friction for the first few months. Sometimes I’d come home and be exhausted and not want to really code. Other times I would try and come up with excuses to leave a square gray. What I discovered after that period of adjustment was what a lot of habit building books and teachers will tell you. It just became a regular thing. Almost thoughtless in execution.

Before it became locked in as a habit, I would wait till closer to the end of the day to code and push up any commits. Once the habit was set though, I noticed myself coding on something during lunch or before wrapping up my day and heading home.

What I found helped me most in building the habit of daily coding on personal projects was working to keep that line of green squares growing. Without meaning too, I was adopting the “streaks” philosophy of habit building. The last year of daily coding has been pretty awesome for me and I’m working to adopt the streaks philosophy into more areas of my life.

I’m actually in the prototype stages of a small web app which will help with exactly that. I’m calling it “Chains” and have plans to at some point make it a fully featured React app. Feel free to follow any development progress over on it’s GitHub page.