Starting in the first week of February 2018, I will be living in New York city. It’s a huge change for someone like myself who has lived all his life in sunny southern California. I’ve traveled back and forth between New York and California plenty, but making the jump to spend the next handful of years in the city is a pretty big deal in my head.

I’ve wanted to chronical the move in some way. I thought about vlogging, but honestly am unsure I have enough to show or say to justify talking into a camera for 10 minutes. (we’ll see I guess) I may play around with the idea, but at a minimum, I’ve decided to log my thoughts on the big differences and struggles related to the move.

I’m more fortunate than most to start off. The studio I currently work at has been gracious enough to keep me on and allow me to work remote, which takes a huge stress point off my plate right away. A lot of people make these kind of moves with a new job lined up, or nothing at all needing to hit the ground running to find work. I’m also fortunate that my partner has an apartment I’ll be able to move into right away with her, so no need to deal with NY apartment chaos. (We will be on the hunt for a new place to accomadate my remote work and Twitch streaming though).

So all said, I think I have one of the easier setups for such a big move. I’m currently in the process of figuring out how to move all of my stuff accured over the last 20 years across the country, but after that is ironed out the focus should shift to the culture shock of a Californian living in a small apartment in a huge city.