I started my 2017 with the mindset of “always be doing”. For the most part I am pretty pleased with the result. There were a lot of complications (probably 4-6 months worth) that really derailed things, but I try not to focus too much on those. They were out of my control and the mistake I made in starting 2017 was not factoring those unknown variables into my thinking. That created a kind of “dip” in my output sometime in the middle of the year that ticked back up a bit when I started getting more into Twitch.

I’m starting 2018 with a pretty huge change. In about three weeks I will be traveling across the country and starting a new chapter of my life. Last year I formed a list of “to-do’s” but this year I want to create more of a “focus”. Not a list of goals or changes, but a focus on recovering what I feel has been lost a bit.

Rediscover My Passion

I think the level of optimism I started 2017 with was drowned out and replaced with a lot of pessimism and just a general state of being quick to complain. I’ve talked a bit about this with friends and have made a point in the last two months to try and snuff out most if not all complaining and negative thinking.

I’m convinced my overall passion for creating (coding, cooking, tinkering, designing) was hit hardest by this. It became super easy to think “Another fucking framework to learn…” when at the start of the year my entire attitude was geared towards learning as many new things I could reach out and hold onto.

I’ve found hints of that spark and am making sure to pursue it to recapture that optimism. Creating things, however unfinished or unperfect, is what I want to get back to. There is something to be said about putting stuff out there that isn’t this perfectly polished gem for people to poke at and comment on.


I pretty much tripped and fell into Twitch. I attribute my uptick in attitude the last few months to discovering streamers like Fahros and Warren333 and the whole Together To The Top community. Streaming is not easy and I’ve learned a lot in the few months I’ve been working at it, but I know for sure it is something that I’m genuinely excited to continue and see how it grows.

Through streaming, I’ve met random people who share similar interests, have had amazing conversations and shared a lot laughs (often at my bad-at-games gameplay). I’ve had long conversations about a wide range of topics with fellow streamers and have even ended up sharing drinks with a few of them.


My focus for 2018 is to really absorb a lot around me, creating and putting out work as it comes to me without getting caught up on perfection and helping my friends however I can in reaching their own goals.

I think it’d be crazy stupid of me to move to New York and not take a step back a bit to learn from so many talented people I’ve met the last few months & the people I will end up meeting throughout this year.

2018 is gonna be crazy.