This is going to be one of those typical “state of”/”updates” posts that have nothing to do with gaming and/or coding. Just wanted to get my thoughts on things out for the therapeutic-ness of it.

What’s funny about this post is that I meant to write it almost 2 weeks ago. A big driving force behind this blog is that I wanted to put more time and effort into writing. Improving my writing and what not by getting at least 1 or 2 articles out a month. I recently made the move from California to New York and thought I would be able to merge into New York life pretty quickly. Most of that is true, but what I didn’t expect to be an adjustment was finding that “rhythm”.

In California I had the rhythm of waking up, getting ready for work, sitting in traffic and then settling in at the office with coffee and catching up on the news. With working from home, there is no “buffer” between things. I’ve found I wake up, stumble to my desk and just start coding. No checking Twitter or looking at the news. I just knew what I had to do, sat down and started. This seems great from a productivity stance but I don’t think it’s the most healthy or sane way to approach your day.

Even something like lunch time has become easy to work through because of options to just have food show up or literally walk downstairs to pick up a pizza and get back to work. On at least 2 occasions I’ve had my boss actually directly tell me to stop talking and get food.

Don’t mistake the above as complaining. It’s more just my reflection on the first month working remote and maybe a warning for others entering the remote world. I’m the type of person that constantly has to be moving forward and doing something. Working remote in the city allows that to be cranked up to dangerous levels. I try to be very in tune with myself in catching burn out. When I noticed I haven’t been reading, watching tv shows/movies and getting random life stuff addressed (still gotta get that new drivers license), I see that as a red flag.

Gotta find that rhythm to keep the quality of things running well.